Wednesday, October 08, 2008

2nd District debate

It waqs an interesting debate between Congressman Joe Courtney and Sean Sullivan at the Garde Theater last night. Sullivan came out strong and put Courtney on the defensive right out of the gate. And at times it appeared that Courtney wasn't very happy. But over all, Courtney held his own andmade a strong argument for re-election.

But not many questions were asked of the candidates under the format used allowing both candidates to pretty much dominate the evening, and control the discussion. Which brings me to this...

What question would you like to ask of the two candidates?

I'll be on the panel asking question to Courtney, Sullivan and Green Party candidate G. Scott Deshefy next Tuesday in Lebanon, and then on Wednesday, I'll be moderating a debate between the three in Plainfield. So...if there is something you'd like to hear the candidates talk about....let me know and I'm make sure it gets asked during those debates.


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Here's a question:

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