Monday, June 23, 2008

Override update...

The legislature voted to override the governor'sveto on the minimum wage bill.

This is what the governor had to say: “This is a seriously short-sighted decision that – even if well-intentioned – will have long-lasting negative consequences for employers and employees alike all over Connecticut. An increase in the minimum wage will bring an increase in the costs of goods and services, the loss of jobs and unrecognized costs to employers in the form of higher Social Security, unemployment tax and workers compensation payments.

“Even as the national economic picture continues to darken, the Legislature has opted to further cloud Connecticut’s business environment. Instead of making the state more business-friendly, instead of encouraging the small businesses that are the single greatest creator of jobs, instead of positioning Connecticut to succeed when the economy once more begins to grow, the Legislature has taken a step backward.

“I have supported increases in the minimum wage in the past and would be willing to do so in the future if the economic conditions are favorable. However, vetoing this increase was the right decision then and is still the right decision today. A minimum wage increase at this time does little but hurt the families it is intended to help.”


Blogger bernard n. shull said...

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7:41 AM  
Blogger Mary said...

Hi Ray! Any word yet on the fundraising numbers for Sean Sullivan and Joe Courtney this last quarter?

2:46 PM  
Blogger Bill Jenkins said...

Hey Ray,

What's going on here, it's been three weeks since your last blog post?

The state legislative candidate's disclosure statements are all on-line now. There's lots for you to write about.

Didn't you interview Sherri Vogt a while back and she said she had already raised enough money to qualify for the public grant money? Her most recent disclosure statement says otherwise.

How about the 44th district, what's going on there? Is there a Republican candidate or not?

Not only has the Republican candidate Chris Coutu in the 47th raised his qualifying contributions, he's already received his grant from the state, the first candidate in our area to do that. Where's the story in the Bulletin on this, did I miss it?

What a great system this new public financing is, huh? Jack Malone and Chris Coutu can get "qualifying in-district" contributions from everyone who lives in the 47th AND 46th districts while Mike Alberts and Sherri Vogt only have half the audience to draw from to get their corresponding qualifying contributions.

It's even worse in the large cities, candidates can use contributions from ANYONE in the whole city, not just their district which is less than one fifth of the population of the whole city.

Kinda makes you wonder who dreamed up this obviously unfair way of handing out public money for campaigns, doesn't it Ray?

11:23 AM  
Blogger Lynne said...

Dear Ray,
Just love the gov's take on wages..and I am saying that fallaciously.... as if the cost of gas is not going to affect us all... give the working person a break!!

8:09 PM  
Blogger mccommas said...

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9:23 AM  
Blogger mccommas said...


If you are working for minimum wage you are selling yourself short. You need to get busy finding another job. We are hiring at Rite Aid. Get over here now! You will start at about $11.00 an hour. Be ready to work though. We don't tolerate slackers here.

The Gov of course is absolutely right. CT is down right hostile to business and this vote is merely liberal politicians ducking their responsibility yet again. Rell is not usally sympathic herself. Even the always impartial Ray Hackett seems to agree.

How many businesses have to move out of state before these socialists get the message? Remember Franklyn Farms? Don Williams thinks they moved out because they didn’t get free fuel cells from the state (which they never asked for).

I always like to see in a bill like this some compromise. That is you raise the minimum wage on this side but on the other side of the ledger you save businesses some money in other ways.

There are all sorts of ways to do that but in CT employers are the enemy and they have to be punished over and over and over again.


You won’t hear it from the Norwich Bulletin but there is a Republican nominee in the 44th. The CT. Secretary of the State office is as usual doing other more important things like opposing Broadwater and damage control on why dead Republicans voters seem to be busy on Election Day voting for Democrats. Updating the candidate list is less of a priority than Suzy B’s political agenda. Susan Bysiewicz is Connecticut’s second Attorney General after all…..

I met the 44th Distict nominee at a Killingly Republican Town Committee Meeting. I was there with Harry Carboni, the 29th Senatorial nominee. Her name is Angela. I didn’t catch her last name. She‘s smart and more conservative than Michael Caron who she will be replacing. I liked her. She is running against Don Williams’ aide. Angela called her Williams “little-me”. I can’t think of a better reason to vote for Angela than the fact that her opponent is from Williams’ do-nothing office.
I have notice too that there seems to be a news blackout wherever Republicans are making headway. Have you heard that Sean Sullivan has been kicking into high gear fund raising? Of course not! Not with every member of the Bulletin’s editorial board a supporter of the liberal incumbent you won’t.

That’s interesting about how liberal Democrats can break the rules if they live in a city and get funds outside their districts. Wow. Funny I never read that in our hometown newspaper. I wonder why that is……

10:14 AM  

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