Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Back from the holiday

it was a hectic week last week, cramming eight days of work into four, the vice presidential visit to the Coast Guard Academy which I attended and then a quick day-long trip to Ft. Dix, NJ to spend some time with Connecticut National Guard troops headed back to Iraq and Afghanistan.

And now...after the long holiday weekend, it's back to the grind here in the office playing catchup.

The big news item of the day has to deal with Barack Obama's presidential campaign. It appeas that former VA Gov. Mark Warner, a Rockville, CT High School grad, is on Obama's short list for the VP spot. Warner toyed with the idea of making a presidential run himself and I spent a couple of days in New Hampshire with him about a year and half ago as he tested the waters. He later decided not to throw his hat in the ring, and instead he's been campaigning for the U.S. Senate from VA.

Warner is a pretty interesting guy and has a heck of a story to tell.

It will be interesting to see if he accepts the offer for the number two spot (if it gets offered) or if he declines and stays in the Senate race which it would appear he will win.


Blogger Middle Aged Lunatic said...

Warner would be a GREAT choice! I remember being disappointed when he decided against a presidential run, yet admired him for understanding the toll that would take on his young family.

2:50 PM  
Blogger mccommas said...


Whoop! Whoop! Whoop!

Here we go again. OK it's a small thing but why did the Norwich Bulletin Editorial Page Editor take out the quotes out of this sentence I submitted with my letter to the editor?

This is it -- Case in point, in 2006 State Senator Donald Williams (D-Brooklyn) proposed a bill "designed to ensure truthful campaign advertising and fight negative campaigning".

In the paper today it reads: Case in point, in 2006 state Sen. Donald Williams, D-Brooklyn, proposed a bill designed to ensure truthful campaign advertising and fight negative campaigning.

It is exactly the same thing except the quotes are missing. I put in quotes "designed to ensure truthful campaign advertising and fight negative campaigning" and in the newspaper POOF. The quotes are gone!

Where did they go? Hummmmm? The Twilight Zone maybe?

Now I meant a certain thing when I put those words in quotes and now that the quotes have been removed the meaning of what I wrote is now different.

The quotes I used was meant to mock the original source of the quote, which was Bulletin Buddy Don Williams. I used Don Williams' own words against him -- which was very clever of me if I do say so myself. My Mother always told me I was a clever boy...

Now with the quotes removed I am made to look as if I am characterizing Williams' anti--First Amendment legislation he proposed as being designed to ensure truthful campaign advertising and fight negative campaigning.

Who in the world can be against negative campaigning except an hair-splitting old crank like me? I might as well spouted off a letter against kittens and sunshine and walks in the park.

Now when you put those words back in quotes "designed to ensure truthful campaign advertising and fight negative campaigning"....there is a subtle difference!


Without quotes this is do-gooder legislation no critic can touch it with a ten foot pool without looking foolish. WITH QUOTES this is Soviet Union-inspired propaganda.

I meant the latter of course.
No matter. At least most of my message made it through unmolested and unaltered.

But it just goes to prove once again that editors can not resist to tempering down the messages critical of them.

Gotcha Mr. Hackett. You got caught again.

10:14 AM  

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