Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Back from vacation...

And just in time to see what should be the end of the Democratic battle for the presidential nomination.

Barack Obama's win in North Carolina, and fairly strong showing in Indiana, pretty much puts an end to Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign -- whether she wants to admit it or not (and she apparently doesn't.)

Obama is now just 185 delegates short of locking up the nomination, according to everyone's math except Hillary. There are 217 delegates yet to be decided in the remaining six contest.

Now...Obama can't win enough of those to lock up the nomination because of the way the Democrats divide the pledged delegates. So...the final decision will rest with the remaining 270 uncommitted super delegates. Obama will win over enough to be the party's nominee -- simply because Clinton 's refusal to deal with the reality of the situation will force them over to Obama's side.

Nice to be back...

And we'll see what happens in Hartford after the dust settles tonight when the legislative session comes to a close. My guess...not much. This will likely go down as one of the most unproductive and disappointing legislative sessions in years.


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