Tuesday, October 05, 2010

28 days and counting...

Last night's U.S. Senate debate between Richard Blumenthal and Linda McMahon was more of draw than awin for either -- but with the slight advantage going to Blumenthal. Neither caniddate hurt themselves, and clearly Blumenthal was far more aggressive then he has been -- which was important for him. So int erms of expectations — and there were a lot riding on Blumenthal's back — point to Blumenthal.

Where McMahon may have lost points was in her inability to answer questions, but quite frankly I'm not convinced that many people cared, so no points lost there. She got in a few jabs, and so did he, so that was a draw.

Quite frankly, the most disappointing part of the debate had nothing to do with the candidates, but more to do with the questioning -- and those asking the questions. Chris Keating from the Courant did a good job, but his fellow panelists from Fox61 were lacking.

Tonight, the two gubernatorial candidates go at it. Same time, same place.

Monday, October 04, 2010

29 days and counting...

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Linda McMahon this morning canceled her scheduled interview with the Norwich Bulletin's editorial board that was set for tomorrow (Tuesday, Oct. 5, 10 a.m.) claiming they have no record of that meeting on their calendar.

The McMahon camp originally asked us to reschedule the Sept. 21 meeting due to a conflict in scheduling, and it was the McMahon camp that picked the Oct. 5 date and time to reschedule, which we agreed to. Now they claim they have no record of that.I assured them it was not a case of "misspeak." (I did save the originally e-mail where tehy set that date and forwarded to them.)

Now they say they'll check to see if they can find a date to reschedule. I hope so, because right now Richard Blumenthal's meeting with us is posted on our web page as is John Merten's interview (he's the Senate candidate on the CT for Lieberman party line) and by Wednesday Warren Mosher's interview (he's the Independent Party candidate for Senate) will be posted.

The only one MIA is McMahon.

Friday, September 17, 2010


Our editorial board meeting this afternoon with state Sen. President Don Williams, D-Brooklyn, was certainly lively, but -- in my opinion -- not very informative. Much of what we heard today is the same we've heard for the past two years....

But don't take my word on that...see and hear for yourself. The entire interview -- unedited -- is (or will soon) be posted on our web page....www.norwichbulletin.com.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

49 days and counting....

Our displeasure with the Democratic leadership of the General Assembly , and their handling of the state's budget crisis is well documented.

On Friday, 1 pm., state Seate Presdient Don Williams, D-Brooklyn, will be coming in for his editioral board intereview. The interviewed with be lived-streamed on www.norwichbulletin.com. And it will be videotaped and posted in its entirety on the web page later that night and avaialbe for anyone to watch at any time....unedited.

It should be quite discussion...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day 50 and still counting....

Janet Peckingpaugh, the Republican challenger in the 2nd Congressional District race, was in this morning for her editorial board interview. The incumbent, U.S. Rep. Joe Courtney, D-2nd District, had his interview last week. And Dan Reale, the Libertarian candidate in the four-way contest was in on Monday. All three interviews were broadcast live on www.norwichbulletin.com — and they were videotaped. Those interviews, complete and unedited, are now on our web page, giving voters the opportunity to watch and listen to each candidate talk about the issues in their own words....a chance to compare and contrast each.

We wrap up the 2nd District race on Thursday at noon with Green Party candidate G. Scott Deshefy— and that, too, will be broadcast live as it happens and later posted on our web page.

By the end of the week, all four will be available to you

Friday, September 10, 2010

53 days and counting...

Unlike other elections years, I doubt that we'll see many of the big name visitors to Connecticut stumping for candidates -- but there are two marque names on their way to the state to lend a little star power to two of the high profile candidates on this year's ballot.

President Barack Obama has agreed to come to the state (if you consider a fundraising in Stamford coming to Connecticut) on behalf of Democratic Senatorial candidate Dick Blumenthal. Exact date and time yet to be announced, but sometime near the end of the month.

And former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney was in Connecticut yesterday lending his support to Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley. That event took part in Greenwich.

It seems that most of these kinds of events are held in Fairfield County, and the obvious reason is that's where the money is. Although Foley, a millionaire, is self-funding his campaign, he is collecting contributions as well...and much of his own money being pumped into this campaign is being done as loans, not direct contributions...meaning he's hoping at some point to recoup the investment he is making.

More so than any past election that I can remember, money is playing a major role. Which is why we very rarely see any of the marque names here in Eastern Connecticut for that very reason.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

54 days and still counting....

Have you noticed that the tone of the campaigns have been turned down a notch or two lately. Sure, the candidates are still snipping at each other, but the attacks ads on television have been replaced with testimonials.

In this past week I've discovered that Republican U.S. Senate candidate Linda McMahon is an optimistic person who loves to laugh and has a great sense of humor.

I've also lerned that Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley is a heck of friend , there for everyone who needs him.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Dan Malloy has returned to the old neighborhood where he grow up with his siblings, a more joyous time in his life that has motivated him to work day and night so that none of us have to work night and day.

And most surprising, I've discovered that Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Dick Blumenthal doesn't always slick back his hair and isn't afraid to be seen in public not wearing a tie.