Friday, September 10, 2010

53 days and counting...

Unlike other elections years, I doubt that we'll see many of the big name visitors to Connecticut stumping for candidates -- but there are two marque names on their way to the state to lend a little star power to two of the high profile candidates on this year's ballot.

President Barack Obama has agreed to come to the state (if you consider a fundraising in Stamford coming to Connecticut) on behalf of Democratic Senatorial candidate Dick Blumenthal. Exact date and time yet to be announced, but sometime near the end of the month.

And former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney was in Connecticut yesterday lending his support to Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley. That event took part in Greenwich.

It seems that most of these kinds of events are held in Fairfield County, and the obvious reason is that's where the money is. Although Foley, a millionaire, is self-funding his campaign, he is collecting contributions as well...and much of his own money being pumped into this campaign is being done as loans, not direct contributions...meaning he's hoping at some point to recoup the investment he is making.

More so than any past election that I can remember, money is playing a major role. Which is why we very rarely see any of the marque names here in Eastern Connecticut for that very reason.


Blogger mccommas said...

I do hope President Obama gives as much help to our embattled Attorney General as he did for the Massachusetts Attorney General Marsha {sic} Coakley.

6:44 PM  

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