Wednesday, September 08, 2010

55 days and counting....

Rob Simmons and Daria Novak are no longer actively involved in this year's election, but that doesn't mean they're laying low. Both are remaining active in support of Republican candidates, such as appearing at a local GOP fundraising event in Canterbury on Sunday.

That event feature sseveral candidates, including 2nd District Republican challlenger Janet Peckinpaugh (who defeated Novak in the Aug. 11 primary), Lt. Gov. candidate Mark Boughton, state Rep. ChrisCoutu, R-Norwich, and John Hallbergh, the petitioning candidate challenging Senate President Don Williams, D-Brooklyn.

But then...there's also Rob and Daria. And that has caused a few folks to say, what's up with that?

It's an easy to understand why the organizers of the event, the Canterbury Republican Town Committee, would invite both. Rob is still one of the most popular Republicans in Eastern Connecticut, and Daria -- who had the support of many of the town committee's membership -- also remains quite popular.

For Novak, it's a mater of staying active. She obviously has plans for the future and is attempting to build a grassroots organization within the 2nd Congressional District of conservative-minded Republicans for possibly some future campaign.

For Simmons, it is a pledge he made during the primary campaign that if he lost the party's nomination in his US Senate bid, he continue to work on behalf of Republicans statewide in the general election. Does Rob have any future plans? I'm not sure he knows yet....but clearly he's a not ready to hang it up.

Might there be another Senate bid in two years (if U.S. Sen. Joseph Lieberman, I-Conn., opt not to seek re-election?), or might be considering a possible state position in the Foley Administration if Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley wins in November. Foley did tap Simmons to be his "advisor" on military matters, particularly the issue of the sub base if threatened with another BRAC round.

There could be several spots where Simmons could be quite maybe commissioner of the Department of Veterans Affairs if Commissioner Linda Schwartz decides not to stay on, or maybe the Office of Military Affairs.

Fifty-five days before the election....lots of things happening; lots more to develop over that time. Stay tuned.


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