Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sarah, Sarah, Sarah...

If John McCain's plan was to announce his vice presidential choice the day after barack Obama's acceptance speech was in fact designed to "steal his opponents thunder," he succeeded far beyond anyone's imagination -- including his own I believe. Since last Friday it has been all Sarah Palin.

And tonight, we get our first real chance to find out who she is really, and what's she's really made of, when she accepts the Republican nomination. Just as Obama's acceptance speech was highly anticipated, so is Palin's....and maybe even more so.

McCain's choice was a of those that could backfire and cost him the election, or one that might prove to be the most brilliant choices of any presidential campaign ever. Time will tell on that one. But I'm looking forward to her speech tonight.

As for last night's opening of the Republican convention....I thought Lieberman's speech was okay, not great, but okay. I certainly understand his support for McCain, but have to admit I found it hard to accept his praise for Palin. She is, in fact, on the opposite end of most issues with his own beliefs. But then again, she was picked because she is a "reformer," and that is what McCain is all about.

the best speech of the night was Fred Thompson. In fact, it was so good that if he had given speeches like that when he was running, he might have actually done better in the GOP primaries.