Tuesday, April 15, 2008

2nd district race

Incumbent Democrat Joe Courtney issued a press release today egarding another successful (over $200,000) campaign finance reporting quarter, leaving him with $1.2 million cash on hand. Courtney's FEC filing, the more detailed account of contributors and expenditures, hadn't been posted by early afternoon.

His opponent, Republican Sean Sullivan , did not issue a press release -- but his FEC filing (posted on the FEC Web page) shows just over $43,000 raised, and $128,000 cash on hand. As I reviewed Sullivan FEC's filing, I immediately drawn to the fact that he spent nearly everything that he raised -- showing less than $2,000 net gain. A further review showed the vast majority of that spending was on consultants (including fundraising consultants -- and maybe he needs to get another group if that's the best they can do.)

But the more interesting part of it is the expenditures for the polling consultant, Richard Foley of the Prince Group. We're still looking at that one and I'll have more on that tomorrow. (but the blog MyLeft Nutmeg has ar more extensive look at the Prince Group on that blog now)

Sullivan's campaign to date hasn't really excited a lot of people, and this isn't going to bode well.


Blogger mccommas said...

Well actually I hate to burst your bubble Mr. Hackett (well OK that’s a lie) but Sullivan came to our Town Committee meeting I was impressed.

He looks like a congressman for me. I asked him about your boy and he said he was sick and tired of him taking credit for things Rob Simmons did.

I would say your boy's first (and last?) term isn't going to well. What has he done for us?

Janet Pelosi tells him to ‘jump’ and your boy says HOW HIGH?!

The front page of the Hartford Communist told the tale a few weeks ago. Your boy looked lost, ill at ease and appearing like he didn't belong.

--Which he doesn't of course.

Now that Sullivan guy, he’s actually a grown up. He would not be there to be anyone’s yes man. That’s one he has on your man already – he’s a man.

It’s like Ann Coulter says. To find out how the election is really going you have to find the Republicans the liberals are picking on.

And that is the one you support because he is on fire.

My check is in the mail. Congrats Mr. Hackett. You’re earned Sullivan a quick 100 bucks from a guy who really doesn’t have that kind of money to throw around.

3:14 PM  

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