Friday, March 21, 2008

A wild week indeed...

Barack Obams's fast-track campaign to the Democratic nomination has certainly been slowed by the controversy over remarks made by his pastor, the Rev. Wright. His speech on race relations was well done, but apparently not enough to stem the controversy. And his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton is using it as the "new" base argument to support her claim among the super delegates that she is the most "electiable."

However, Clinton has her own problems. First, it looks like re-votes in Michigan and Florida will not happen and those two state delegations will be divided among her and Obama. (That doesn't help in her effort to catch up to his pledged delegate count.) The only way she can do that is by convincing the super delegates that Obama can't win in November, and the only way she does that isby crushing him in the Pennsylvania primary next month.

Second, she released her "papers" of her time as First Lady, and they don't seem to provide sufficient support of her "experience" claim. On the contrary, they seem to bring up bad memories for Democrats of those wonderful Clinton years. One might say those papers show she has about as much "experience" as Obama.

A year ago, there were 10 Democrats in the race for the nomination -- with pretty unanimous agreement that whoever won the race would most likely be the next president. After all, how could a Democrat lose considering the mess we have now under the current administration. How indeed?

But the Democrats sure do appear to be doing their very best in finding a way to do just that.

I'd be tempted to say....can you say President McCain....but given how this race has taken so many twists and turns, who knows what happens next.

Have a glorious Easter....

And I'll try harder to be more attentive to the blog next week.


Blogger mccommas said...

Give Clinton her due. She was right there at her husband's side helping him work things out in the 1990's.

Nancy Reagan was not the co-president she was made out to be but Mrs. Clinton clearly was.

If Clinton were a man and an official advisor he could claim what she claims and not have it question.

Your not a sexist are you Ray?

6:56 PM  

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