Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Now that the dust has settled....

It appears Hillary Clinton's victories in Ohio, Texas and Rhode Island resulteed in a net gain of 12 pledged delegates for her. The numbers are hard to pin down, but the best accounting appears to suggest Barack Obama has 1,562 delegates to her 1,461 (including super delegates that have committed to each of them) - a 101 difference. There are still 350 uncommitted super delegates.

You need 2,025 to win the nomination.

And you have to give Clinton credit. She is a fighter and Tuesday's primaries showed that she has no intention of not going down without a fight.

Tuesday was kind of like Ground Hog Day. Just when you thought spring had arrived, we find outselves facing six more weeks of winter. Pennsylvania is the next big test on April 22.


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Blogger mccommas said...

-- Only if you associate democracy in action with winter.

Clinton won because she finally at long last poked through Obama's shroud of vagueness.

People are starting to ask questions that the press should have risen a long time ago.

For example, your man promises to stop companies from moving overseas but how exactly is he going to do that?

Your man wants to increase taxes on employers so how does that help them stay in America when he is actually giving employers more, not less, reason to leave?

That’s a question that never gets asked.

-- until now that is.

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