Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dodd endorses Obama...

It probably doesn't do a lot in terms of votes in the upcoming primaries, but it surely indicates a trend.

Dodd was one of the uncommitted super delegates and a long time friend of the Clintons. His decision to backher rival is a pretty clear indication where the party is now leaning. Party leaders want this over, and over sooner rather than later.

In yesterday's posting I suggested that Clinton would drop out on March 5 if she didn't win Ohio and Texas - and win by at least 20 percentage points or more.

Her only hope of still snagging the nomination is through the super delegates and seating the Wisconsin and Michigan delegations. Without both of those things happening, she can't gain enough of a delegate advantage in the remaining contests to make the argument that she deserves the nomination.

Over the last two weeks, five super delegates who were committed to her have jumped ship and are now backing Obama. Now, Dodd is heading in that direction. The handwriting is on the wall.

The pressure will be on after the March 4 contests for her to step aside "for the good of the party."

And...I think she will.


Blogger mccommas said...

Mr Hackett to Senator Obama: "Would you like another pillow?"

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