Friday, February 08, 2008

366...A magic number....

That's the total number of delegates from the states of Florida (210) and Michigan (166) to the Democratic nomination. But of course, right now -- they total zero. Florida and Michigan's delegates were stripped by the Democratic National Committee for violating committee rules when they moved their primaries up to January.

Clinton won the Michigan and Florida primaries, doing little campaigning in Michgian a bit more in Florida while Obama abided by the party rules andstayed out of both contests.

Clinton is now arguing in favor of seating the two state delegations (expecting of course that she would be the beneficiary of the votes they would cast) while Obama wants the DNC to hold firm on its original decision to penalize both states.

It is just the latest turmoil to rattle the Democrats as they try and take back the White House, and the decision on this one will likely create a lot of bad blood and hurt feelings -- neither of which is a good thing for the nominee heading into the general election against john McCain.

It is amazing how the Democrats always seem to come up with some sure fire way of shooting themselves in the foot.

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Blogger Middle Aged Lunatic said...

The only fair way to allow the delegates in those two states to have a say at the convention is to have a re-vote. If Hillary still wins then so be it, but her "win" in those states was not from a level playing field.

7:13 PM  
Blogger mccommas said...

It should as a matter of law not be legal for the Democrat Party to deny representation.

Now fixing this authentic disfranchisement would be ACTUAL (meaning beneficial) campaign finance reform.

7:29 PM  
Blogger dweeb said...

The part I'm more concerned about is how the remaining Democratic Party candidates, and we the voters, have allowed the discussion to turn away from 'who can best set the United States in a new (and better direction?' to, instead, 'who can take back the White House?'

This, in my opinion, is part of the larger 'horserace' mentality we use in all elected matters.

The Democrats, in seeking to retake Congress in the last election, gave me the impression they had an agenda, a purpose and a mission and that was why they wanted me to vote for them-to share in those things.

First and foremost was the war in Iraq-which is still ongoing and hasn't been ratcheted down one iota since the changing of the guard at the last election.
Same for meaningful economic growth, as well as for access to affordable and universal health care.

It really is 'meet the new boss, same as the old boss', so why should I expend my most precious right as an American, the right to vote, for anyone who isn't interested in improving my country, but only wants to sit in the White House?

I'm not interested in the process of the nomination, since it seems to be as flawed as the process of the November election and we have miles (and months) to go before we sleep. bill kenny

10:21 AM  

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