Wednesday, January 30, 2008


in this morning's newspaper ( we made our endorsements for the upcoming Democratic and Republican primaries here nin Connecticut next week. We endorsed Sen. Barack Obama in the Democratic race and John McCain in the Republican contest. (You can read our reasoning in the editorial.)

We came to this decision late last week, but opted to wait until this morning, after last Saturday's Democratic contest in South Carolina and yesterday's Florida GOP contest, to release it. We did so only because we wanted to wait until the full focus of the primary contests were on Feb. 5.

In making our decision, we decided very early on that what we would not do is try to create the "best matchup" for the November election. Our intent was to put ourselves in the individual roles of the Democratic and Republican voters who would choose among their party's candidates, trying to select who best represented their ideals and thoughts on the issues. In many cases, the candidates do share common ideas -- differing only on the details of how best to implement them.

And we also looked closely at how they presented those ideas -- aka, how they were running their campaigns.

There will be some who will agree with us, some who will not -- and others who honestly believe that newspapers shouldn't "interfer" with political party choices. We respect all those opinions -- and we only hope that all of you respect our opinion -- even if you disagree with it.


Blogger mccommas said...

Should I take your editorial in the semi-private booth with me so I don't forget which way I am supposed to vote before I feed my ballot in the shredder?

You can count me in with the group that thinks that newspapers should not be telling people who they should be voting for.

I have strong opinions myself but I would never dream of ordering people how to vote. And the people you did endorse are by far the least qualified. I haven't read the editorial and I don't think I will waste my time digging it up. I have made up my own mind but thanks just the same Mr. Hackett.

Its even more objectionalble for you folks to be endorsing Republicans since none of you have Republican beliefs and none of you I venture to guess are registered Republicans.

Sorry but I will not vote for McCain and I don't think Obama has any business even being in the senate let alone being President. Obama is a cream puff and having a cream puff in the Oval Office in extremely dangerous.

This guy makes Jimmy Carter look good. What will this wimp do if we are attacked again? Send the enemy flowers with a note asking what we did wrong to deserve it?

About the only way I will vote for McCain in the General is if Obama is the Abortion Party's nominee which Thank God he won’t be. I sharply disagree with McCain about lots of very important things ( the First Amendment, Illegal Aliens etc ) besides not liking him personally but at least he is on the American side in the War on Terror.

– even when its not popular with the media liberals.

Clinton is by far the best choice for the Democrats in my opinion but I won’t tell the Democrats who to vote for in their primary. I am thinking primarily terrorism. I think she unlike the pacifist she is running against has the guts to order our troops into battle when necessary.

I might even vote for the Clintons if McCain is the nominee. I will have to think about it.

One thing is for sure. I will miss Bush. -- Now there is a great if underappreciated leader.

I proudly voted for him twice and would do it again. That man has courage. I love what he has done for America in the judiciary. We will reap the benefits of that for many decades to come. I can’t wait for Kelo and McConnell V McCain to be overturned.

In that respect Bush is even superior to Reagan. Reagan nominated too many weasel RINOs who were really Democrats in disguise like O’Connor.

8:05 AM  
Blogger american said...

I agree that people should not be told who to vote for, but is it right to have people vote for a person who was not even raised in the UNITED STATES , who was raised as a muslum and does not slatue the american flag, and did not use a bible to be sworn into office. I too will vote for Clinton she will make a change for americans.

6:00 PM  
Blogger dweeb said...


Go to, type in "Obama" and clear the misinformation from your belief system.

I've saved you a step, visit:
and see for yourself.

'A lie is halfway around the world before truth gets out of bed'-Samuel Clemons, a/k/a Mark Twain
-bill kenny

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