Monday, January 21, 2008

Monday morning...

Middle Aged Lunatic asked if former Congressman Rob Simmons was, or planned to, help Republican congressional candidate Sean Sullivan, adding that assistance might help Sullivan in his fundraising efforts.

I can't speak for the former congressman, but I do understand that he has offered advice and according to Sullivan's FEC report, he has contributed to his campaign. A ot of the names on Sullivan's FEC report are familiar and former supporters of Simmons, so there is some sense of some help being provided.

However, Simmons is somewhat limited in exactly how much he can do. He is currently a "state employee" in his new position as the state's Business Advocate and needs to be careful as to how active a role he plays in partisan elections these days. I don't think his support of Sullivan would raise many eyebrows, but if were to become "too" active in the campaign, that might cause some problems.

And Sullivan, I would suspect, would not be looking for that. I think he understands that any success he might enjoy from the campaign needs to come from his efforts -- and not simply because someone like Simmons, still a very popular figure in the district, is supporting him.


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