Thursday, January 17, 2008

South Carolina....the Dem race

Again...using the number of polls being released, it seems that Obama is out in front -- and if correct, appears headed for his next major victory in this contest over Clinton.

Edwards is barely registering, some polls have him in single digits and others in the low teens.

If that holds up when Democrats go to the polls, Edward's campaign is all but over. is over.

What is interesting in the Obama/Clinton battle is what happened in Michigan. Granted, Obama wasn't on the ballot and it was a non-binding referendum for all practical purposes....but Clinton won with nearly 40 percent of those voting -- voting for "someone else."

Among black voters in Michigan, the majority opted to vote uncommitted.

A strong showing by Obama in South Carolina, and he might just have enough momentum going into Feb. 5 to deal Clinton's hopes a major setback.


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