Thursday, January 03, 2008

It's a numbers game...

That's what Iowa is all about....numbers. Getting your supporters out to the caucuses tonight is the only thing that matters. The candidate who is most successful in getting the most supporters out, wins. It really doesn't get any simplier.

For Connecticut Sen. Christopher J. Dodd...there are two numbers for him. They are 4 and 6.

Six is where he's at right now in the polls (out of eight Democrats)....

And four is where he needs to be tonght when the votes are counted.

I wouldn't be surprised if he comes in less than four if drops out....nor will I be surprised if he decide to keep the campaign alive at least through New Hampshire. He is the only New Englander in the race...and considering the amount of time, energy and passion he's put into this...I won't be surprised if he wants that chance for the last hurrah....New Hampshire....before making the decision to end the race.

And I'm not really sure if this is an omen or not...but I couldn't help but notice in yesterday's lottery to pick candidate position on the Feb. 5 Connecticut primary ballot....Dodd ended up 6th.


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