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Checking the facts...

this little item caught my eye, and I found it amusing, so I thought I'd pass it on.

According to's review of what was said at the recent GOP presidential debate:

Mitt Romney claimed New York called its a sanctuary city for illegal alients. It didn't.

Rdy Giuliani denied New York was actually a sanctuary city, but the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service has classified it as such based on the immigrant-friendly policies that Giuliani still defends.

Mike Huckabee claimed he would abolish the IRS, but failed to mention he would replace it with another big tax bureaucracy.

Huckabee also claimed he proposed to make children of illegal aliens eligible for scholarships in Arkansas if they had been in schools their entire lives - but his proposal only required three years attendance.

And the best part...

Romney claimed he had been a true suffering Red Sox fan waiting fot the team to win a World Series for the first time in 87 years -- but it actually was only 86 years they waited.

Giuliani was correct when he said while he was mayor New York snowfall was down and the New York Yankess won four World Series titles. He was making a joke of course, but it's a joke that reminds us that you can't believe all the credit a candidate claims just because things happen while they were in office.


Blogger mccommas said...

Well that was interesting.

How come you never “fact check” the Democrats?? ---Particularly our own locals such as your favorites Don Williams, Joe Courtney and Joe Lieberman? I would really like you to “fact check” the legislation these liberals propose and vote on. We never hear about it except when a Republican opponent brings it up and then they are being “negative”.

Imagine what an uneducated jerk I felt like when I asked Judy Aron how my state senator voted on that disgraceful bill giving illegal aliens an In-State discount for Connecticut Colleges.

Aron exclaimed that it was WILLIAMS’ BILL!!!!!!!!

Don Williams sponsored that bill! I felt like a dumb ass for not knowing that.

Why do I have to learn that on the internet? Who is the Bulletin’s politics reporter anyway? Why am I not informed Ray?

Why do you protect these men by withholding their voting records?

How hard could it be now a days? Most of this info is available on the internet and a lot of it on their own websites.

8:15 PM  
Blogger mccommas said...

As George Will would say --- the silence is deafening....

And telling!

Well since Ray is just to busy to post something let me post something interesting to get the ball rolling for him. This from Headless Horseman:

title: "Gaffey: "Big Boy" of Bonding"

(personal note: I would have called it "Gaffey's Billion Dollar Girlfriend" mysel.

State Senator Tom Gaffey (D-Meriden) takes quite a beating in yesterday's Courant at the hands of columnist and former Senator Kevin Rennie. According to what Rennie has uncovered, it appears that Senator Gaffey's love affair with Jill Ferraiolo, an associate vice chancellor for government relations at the Connecticut State University System led to the exertion of some undue influence on the part of Gaffey for the $1 billion in bonding for the CSUS system.

Gaffey serves as chairman of the legislature's Education Committee, and as vice chairman of the Higher Education Committee.

Rennie notes that in a variety of emails (where she refers to Gaffey as her "big boy") Ferraiolo laid plans with Gaffey in an alliance to get that $1 billion package approved. Ferraiolo also referred to Gaffey as a "god." And, drowning in this dirty sea of sexual retardation, Gaffey apparently replied "alongside every god is a great goddess."

Apart from the basic interest of this sordid tale, which has these two behaving with the sexual sophistication of unusually stupid high-school students, there are really two distinct points.

The first is that Senator Joan Hartley (D-Waterbury) was the target of much Democrat ire during the bonding flap when she refused to sign up for a veto-override because of concerns she had over that $1 billion. Apparently not many people were the wiser that Gaffey had this relationship that could taint the overall deal.

Second, it will be interesting to see how the Senate Democrats handle this disgraceful behavior, particularly so soon after running Senator Lou DeLuca out of office on the premise of the high ethical standards in the Senate.

I wonder what Don Williams knew and when he knew it. If he threatened Hartley with losing her staff, office, and parking space, will he threaten to withhold anything from Gaffey? Perhaps motel privileges or access to the Senate coat room condom machine?

Perhaps we'll never know. But there is one thing I do know... there's nothing god-like about wandering around the capitol in an open-collared shirt with too much cologne trying to get laid.

Gaffey, do us all a favor and stop eating rhino horn dust.

* * *

Title: "Double Standard" ( posted December 6th )

(Picture of Donald Williams)

After forming a committee to run Senator Lou DeLuca out of town on a rail for conduct that brought disdain on the State Senate, the chamber's Democratic leader Don Williams has brought disdain upon himself in setting an ugly double standard by refusing to examine the activities of Senator Tom Gaffey and a CSUS liaison in regards to the $1 billion in bonding he helped shepherd through to benefit the CSUS, and his lover.

While the circumstances between the DeLuca issue and the Gaffey issue are very different, they are similar in one important respect; they call into question the integrity of the Senate. Now we know that to Don Williams "ethics" are just another phrase they throw around when trying to ensnare a Republican guilty of wrongdoing, but something they refuse to apply to themselves.

This is what you get with a supermajority. They may not be effective with their massive numbers in the legislature in getting any policies implemented or addressing the concerns of Connecticut residents, but they are damned good at insulating their own from the consequences of their actions.

It may be that Gaffey did nothing literally wrong. But thanks to Don Williams and Senate Democrats, we'll never get the opportunity to make that judgment.


So how does the prince of reform look now Ray?

10:35 AM  

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