Friday, November 02, 2007

Coming up for air one more time...

A couple of responses to recent comments posted here:

Wtfdnucsailor - Every letter submitted prior to the deadline, and verified, will be printed. I agree with you that for canidates on the under ticket, it is the only real way they can get their names out in front of people, and they certainly deserve that considering they work just as hard as any other candidate on the ballot. I spent most of the morning today putting the final touches on the last of the letters that will run in Saturday and Sunday's paper.

The only unfortunate part are those letters that do nothing but criticize and take shots at opponents. You can almost see the organized effort being run to get as many of those letters in as possible. And although the temptation is strong sometimes, they get printed as well. I'm not going to set myself up as some kind of high and mighty censor determining who's letter is worthy of print and who's isn't. I think voters are smarter than me when it comes to that -- they can see what's going on and they'll make their own decisions, not one based on what some of the writers are trying to do.

Dweeb: As far as taking the trash out of the Norwich City Council election as easily as I take garbage out of my car during election season, again...I have faith in the voters. They'll choose those who they believe offer the most.

And Terri: Most of the really good contests are more likely decided in the last 24 hours of any campaign. And I'd like to believe that is probably the healthiest contests one could ever hope to have. As for the Norwich Bulletin endorsements -- they're merely recommendations on our part, not instructions on who to vote for.

I have always found that people look to newspaper endorsements, 1 - for some sense that what they already know or have decided is what others think, or 2, they obviously have a much better understanding of what going on than those editors who obviously don't have a clue.

Either way, the purpose of the endorsements is to continue to dialogue, and if we can get people talking about the issues and the candidates, all the better.

You all have a good weekend...


Blogger mccommas said...

"The only unfortunate part are those letters that do nothing but criticize and take shots at opponents".

Well to quote: "Can't we just get along"?

If we did not criticize officials than how would we ever get them to improve?

You certainly criticized Republican Congressman Rob Simmons. Why is it so different when someone you like gets thoughts transpired that you disagree with?

7:47 PM  
Blogger dweeb said...

"....someone you like gets thoughts transpired...."

I'm not sure exactly what you mean unless you're wondering why we can't agree to disagree.
If that's the case, Amen.

I think we may sometimes lose sight, especially at the local level, that those seeking our votes are our neighbors, maybe even right-down-the-street neighbors who are offering their time and talent to make our towns and schools better.

I don't always remember that the first Tuesday in November is frequently a referendum on how we manage our cities and relationships with one another the other 364 days of the year.

12:40 PM  

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