Thursday, October 18, 2007

Global warming....

Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman and VA Sen. John Warner filed their Global Warming bill today in the Senate, a measure that will serve as the framework of the Senate debate on reducing emissions. On the surface, it doesn't appear to go quite as far as many environmental groups would have liked to have seen, but it does make a significant impact if the measure is enacted as proposed.

These are the highlights of the bill:

On its own, the America’s Climate Security Act (ACSA) is projected to reduce total U.S. greenhouse-gas emissions by as much as 19% below the 2005 level (4% below the 1990 level) in 2020 and by as much as 63% below the 2005 level in 2050.

America’s Climate Security Act controls compliance costs by allowing companies to trade, save, and borrow emission allowances, and by allowing them to generate credits when they induce non-covered businesses, farms, and others to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions or capture and store greenhouse gases.

The Act invests set-aside emissions credits and money raised by the auction of such allowances in advancing several important public policies, including, but not limited to:

• Deploying advanced technologies and practices for reducing emissions;

• Protecting low- and middle-income Americans from higher energy costs;

• Keeping good jobs in the United States; and

• Mitigating the negative impacts of any unavoidable global warming on low- and middle-income Americans and wildlife.

Several key environmental groups, , companies, and other organizations, including the National Wildlife Federation, Environmental Defense and the National Resources Defense Council, have expressed support for ACSA.


Blogger mccommas said...

They could reduce the same amount of hot air if they would just stop talking about it..

8:32 PM  
Blogger Middle Aged Lunatic said...

We have to talk about it. Climate change exists, it has a huge potential impact on all our lives, and it doesn't matter to what degree one feels humans impact(ed) the change. Why would anyone criticize changes and policy that could improve air quality and land usage and availability?!

9:26 AM  
Blogger Oldster said...

Talk about it? Talk about what? That the earth has been warming and cooling for thousands of years - all without the current 'manmade-greenhouse gas' emissions?

History has shown that Connecticut has gone from being buried under glaciers to a tropical climate - all in the past. Yes - any great changes will have an impact on our lives - but history has shown that the climate is beyond our grasp.

5:54 PM  

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