Friday, October 05, 2007

A quick note this morning...

Before my Friday gets completely out of control, I wanted to thank Rags and Crusader Rabbit for sending along the questions to be posed to candidates during the upcoming debates the Norwich Bulletin will be hosting. Good questions, too.

If anyone else is interested in being part of it, feel free to send along some questions and I'll add them to the discuss on the night of the debates.

As for what's going on....

Well...finally...we seem to be moving on to the next step in the long dragged out soap opera knowns the Connecticut Bonding Package. Rell is poised to the veto the Democrat's $3.2 billion package today...and Democratic leaders are expected to announce the date of the much-anticipated Override session.

let the games begin...


Blogger dweeb said...

(Didn't know whether to post these on the 'old' topic or here.
And sorry for being so Norwich-centric, but this is where I live.)

1. Lots of talk in recent months about who does what and whose job entails what type of functions in connection with economic development.

Not only at times did we appear to be illustrating how 'too many cooks spoil the broth' we almost gave ourselves food poisoning (from half-baked, emotional arguments).

Define who/whom you see as the 'principal player(s)' in Norwich for economic development and share your perception of what the responsibilities for each person/entity should be, in terms of the goal of expanding economic development and in relation to one another.

2. News today of NPU's possible deployment of a fiber-optic network.

With the technical infrastructure in place, how would you, and our City Council (and if others, please define), leverage this technology as part of an incentive/enducement package for additional economic growth?

3. I remember reading there are the 167 municipalities that comprise CT. We have geographical, though seemingly not political, entities known as Counties, but don't do much 'county-wide' planning or developing. A project the size and scope of Norwich Hospital/Brewster's Point comes to mind.

Do you think looking for economies of scale by 'thinking regionally' are of value, if not, why not?

If so, what areas do you see regionalization reducing the cost of government or improving the quality of goods and services?

How would you propose developing a consensus across Norwich and then NL County to move us towards greater regional sharing?

9:15 PM  
Blogger mccommas said...

I liked the Norwich Bulletin's website the way it was before.

I think it was more readable. The new website is professional looking but a bit to busy. I think there is to much stuff cramed into one page.

11:39 AM  
Blogger terri warner said...

Although it is past the letter to the editor deadline, this is what I have concluded:

It is sad that only a few days before the election, many Canterbury voters don’t know who to vote for the top seats, due to lack of trust, ill leadership, alleged misuse of power and public relations, etc. The DTC and the RTC have a handful of individuals who are behind their candidates because of self gain. The true leader is Paul Santoro. Although many, including myself, have not liked his past leadership, there is no proof that I am aware of, of any certain individuals receiving self gain. If the DTC or RTC candidate gets elected, there will be a constant whiners convention from the opposite party. However, with Paul Santoro, either it will be all or none. I believe in second chances and therefore will vote for Santoro and Lee Wrigley. Although they are not running as a team, I believe that they and Chris Johnson as third selectmen, would be the best team for Canterbury. Shame on the Norwich Bulletin for endorsing a candidate who has lived in Canterbury the longest with the least amount of interest in local politics!

But thank you Ray and staff for all of the time and energy that you have provided for the towns that you serve!

3:29 PM  

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