Thursday, August 23, 2007


It remains the single most important issue, and although President Bush is now attempting to cast it in a similar light to the Vietnam War (which it isn't) a new National Intelligence Report issued today that doesn't bode well in assessing the Iraqi government's ability to bring the war torn nation together. Of course, Congress is awaiting the military assessment due on Sept. 15.

Here's what CT Sen. Chris Dodd had to say today about the NIE report:

"The reported conclusions of the latest NIE are another sign that, even as American troops continue admirably to serve in Iraq, the Iraqi government has done virtually nothing to put its house in order. With no progress on political reconciliation between the various sects in Iraq, it is clear that President Bush's tactic of troop escalation has failed to achieve its goal of convincing Iraqi leaders that they must take bold steps to promote stability and reconciliation in Iraq. In fact the report confirms that Sunnis and Shia remain deeply suspicious of each other with no sign of reversing that belief anytime soon. Indeed, this report is further evidence that there is a disconnect between military operations to establish security in Iraq and elsewhere in the country and the willingness of an Iraqi political leadership to take advantage of improved security to promote political compromise and reconciliation on behalf of all Iraqis.

"I do not believe that Iraq's political leaders will have any incentive to demonstrate bold leadership and reach a political accord until we begin redeploying American troops and it is clear that finally they must fully assume responsibility for their country."


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