Saturday, August 11, 2007

The final leg of the trip...

I'll be taking off shortly for the one-hour drive up to Portsmouth, NH where Chris Dodd will begin the fourth and final day of this visit at the Portsmouth Farmer's Market. After touring the market, the campaign then moves up to Newmarket where Dodd is scheduled to take a walking tour of the downtown area with supporters.

Both venues play well to the senator's campaign style - informal, relax...and the opportunity to just meet people. Conducting a presidential campaign can be grueling, and there are always those moments when a perfectly planned outing doesn't go according to the script. But Dodd does appear to be enjoying this adventure.

He's serious when he sits down at the table with Democratic activists to talk about the issues that they consider important - and he knows his answers will ultmately make the decision on whether they support him or one of his rivals for the Democratic nomination.

But there is little doubt that he is truly enjoying this experience.


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