Thursday, August 09, 2007

Day 2 with Dodd...

I'm in the lobby of the Attitash Grand Summit in Bartlett, NH this morning, an hour and half drive from Campton where I spent the night. It was actually a lovely ride up through the Franconia Notch National Park, despite the warnings that I should drive carefully and keep and eye for Moose. I didn't see any. Maybe they don't get up this early in the morning.

Chris Dodd will be addressing the New Hampshire chapter of the National Education Association convention this morning, unveling his education proposal as it relates to K-thru-high school. He did his college affordability presentation yesterday in Manchester.

New Mexico Gob. Bill Richardson was here yesterday talking to the teachers' organization, and former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards sent up a video to make his presentation. New York Sen. Hillary Clinton is not scheduled to attend the convention, but her presence here is quite visible. Her campaign sent up some staffers who have ben manning a table in the cornor of the lobby - filled with Hillary posters and literature.

Dodd only has three events planned today, but it will take all day to get to them. The schedule is most ambitious travel-wise of the four days. From here he heads south to Tilton, NH - a two hour drive - for lunch with Democratic activists at the Tilt'n Diner...and then walking the streets a bit shaking hands and introducing himself.

From there, it's over to Nelson, NH - another hour's drive - for a meeting late this afternoon and into the early evening with Cheshire County voters.

All toll, we'll rack up more than 160 miles traveling today.

I probably won't have time after the NEA convention for a quick update as I'll need to jump in my car and make the run to Tilton. I haven't mastered the art of driving a stick shift and blogging at the same time. Besides, I need to keep an eye out for Moose traveling back through the national park. I've never see a Moose up close and personal....and I'm not looking forward to doing that today.


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