Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Dodd and education...

I'm literally sitting in the parking lot of the Days Inn in Campton, NH - in the midst of the White Mountains where the only signal for Internet can be found is in the parking lot.

Dodd previewed his major education proposal earlier this afternoon at a roundtable discussion at Manchester Community Technical College - a plan that calls for increasing Pell grants and a bold proposal to provide free college tuition at community coplleges across the country.

He'll unveil the second part of his plan tomorrow at a meeting of the New Hampshire chapter of the National Education Association convention in Bartlett, NH -across from the mountains from where I will be spending the night. That proposal will look specifically at his plan for K-through-high school.

Following his meeting in Manchester, the senator headed over to Concord for a private house party with friends and supporters. And then he, too, made the two hour trek north to the White Mountains.

This maybe my last blog entry for the evening. I've got photos to try and send, stories for tomorrow's paper and my first effort at trying to send video from the Manchester event. But with recption being what it could be a long night.


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