Monday, August 06, 2007

On the second front...

While most of my attention this week will be on Dodd and New Hampshire, the really big news in the presidential hunt will be on Republicans in Iowa. Saturday is the traditional GOP Straw Poll - without the two biggest names participating. Rudy and McCain have both opted out citing money problems - leaving Romney to take home the prize.

But that also puts a bit of pressure on the former Massachusetts governor. He's expected to win, and with the other two not in the hunt, he is expected to win "big." But how "big" is BIG? And who decides whether his victory was "big enough?"

What should happen is...a couple of the second and third teir candidates in the field will be packing up their tents and calling it quits...and maybe someone from the second teir emerges as the "new" guy to be watched.

I did watch the Republican debate on TV Sunday, and the one thing that stuck out the most was how McCain now looks like a second teir candidate. Other than that, there wasn't much more to be said about the 90-minute debate.


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