Monday, November 05, 2007

Election Eve...

There was some comments posted in regards to my last post in terms of the criticism and negativity I've seen lately in letters to the editor relating to tomorrow's municipal elections. In one post, it was suggested that criticizing elected officials is fair game - and I don't argue that point at all.

But that criticism, I think, should be directed at their positions on issues or votes, not on them personally. And that is what I was referring to when I said too many critical letters were being mailed that brought nothing useful to the discussion. They're just nasty and unproductive - not to mention unnecessary. It's not, as someone posted, a "can't-we-all-get-along" mentality at all.

Look, no one has to agree with everyone running for elected office. I don't agree with everyone on everything, even the ones I actually end up voting for. But to lower the debate to personal attacks is just demeaning the whole process.

My opinion....


Blogger Jim N said...

Don’t’ let the apparent change in philosophy concerning the Norwich re-zoning displayed by the city council fool you. If there weren’t so much voter opposition to the re-zoning, with elections looming this week, Crooks, Caron, and Goldman would still be sponsoring this travesty.
Who sponsors a proposal and then says they are relieved that it is withdrawn? I’m sure you’re relieved Ms. Caron. You saw your re-election slipping away.
Remember, the city council is made up of the same people who were ready and willing to pull residential property out from under us in favor of commercial property until they realized it might affect the election. If re-elected, what’s to stop them, from sponsoring the same re-zoning and the potential eminent domain takings like in New London, once the threat of not being re-elected has past.
These people haven’t miraculously had an awakening. They are and will continue to be the same people who were willing to take your property indiscriminately.
I strongly urge the Norwich voters to ensure this doesn’t happen. Vote for Zarnetske, Coutu, Nash, Jacaruso, Desaulniers, and Braddock.
VOTE OUT those individuals who would support the taking of homes in favor of commercial development. Those individuals are the incumbents Caron, Crooks, Goldman, and Bettencourt.

5:31 PM  
Blogger dweeb said...

jim n,
To a man with a hammer the whole world is a nail.

Responsible development is a key issue, imho, in this election but it shouldn't be the only issue.

Based on your note's last sentence, I'd submit you don't understand Mark Bettencourt's position on smart growth, but that's your perogative and my opinion.

The City Council is actually made up of people who live next door to you and me and who try their best (I hope) to do what they see as the 'right thing' for the most people.

You're more than entitled to NOT vote for anyone whom you choose and I fully support that, but between us, think about your concept of economic development for Norwich and perhaps consider using that to measure which candidates you should vote for.

As a fellow-resident and possible neighbor, I am grateful for the full benefit of your doubt.
-bill kenny

8:33 AM  

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