Thursday, January 10, 2008

And now its down to three...

As wtfdnucsailor noted in his most recent comment, Bill Richardson has dropped out of the presidential race according to the Associated Press, opting not to stay in through the Nevada caucus, the next Democratic contest. (The Dems are competing in Michigan because of strong influence of the national party to punish Michigan for violting party rules).

I will admit I am not surprised that Richardson opted out, but I am surprised that he opted out before Nevada -- the first Western State to vote and probably his best chance to shine. Granted, a third place finish there isn't that much better than his two fourth place finishes, but Obama wasn't necessarily planning a strong push in Nevada which could have helped Richardson do better. That is, Obama wasn't planning that until New Hampshire and now the major Nevada union representing casino workers throwing their support to his cause.

No proof...but I suspect Richardson, who urrged his Iowa supporters to back Obama if they were deemed unviable at any of the caucus gatherings (much to the anger of Clinton), has probably made his deal with the Obama camp -- and he's getting out of the way in order to give Obama a better shot at beating Clinton there.

Just a guess...


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