Wednesday, January 09, 2008

New Hampshire's aftermath

It was certainly a surprise on the Democratic side, especially given the polling numbers -- both independent and the candidates' own internal polls suggesting Obama would win easily.

But in reality, Clinton's win doesn't have that big an impact, other than it takes her out of the pressure cooker a bit. Both she and Obama each received nine delegates -- so that was a wash. Both she and Obama are looking towards Feb. 5 as the big showdown, so neither of them is going anywhere.

What New Hampshire does do is put more pressure on Edwards and Richardson to gt out of the race -- and out of their way. And since both are leaning towards supporting Obama, it gives Obama the motivation to make a deal with both to get them out...and on his team. But not until after Nevada for richardson, and South Carolina for Edwards.

On the Republican side....McCain v. Romney, Part II, comes up next week in Michigan.. It's do-or-die time for Romney....he can't afford to lose three in a row, and especially bakc-to-back losses in his "home" state."

Huckabee puts his focus primarily on South Carolina and will camp out there waiting for the winner of Michigan. Thompson....not sure where he's camping out...or for houw much longer.

And then of course, Rudy is still soaking up the sun in Florida waiting for the rest of the field to come on down and play.


Blogger wtfdnucsailor said...

What a difference a day makes. According to AP, Richardson is not even going to wait for Nevada before dropping out. Edwards has vowed to hang on so we will see if he lasts past South Carolina. So, despite all the names that are on the CT ballot for FEB 5, the choices will probably be down to two when the CT DEMS get their chance to vote. It will be educational to see how much effort the campaigns put into CT when New York, California, New Jersey, etc are also in play on FEB 5. Fairfield County may see them raising funds but the rest of us will be lucky to get a flyer in the mail (Is that a hope?). With Richardson out, those looking for experience will have to settle for Clinton and those who think that experience is the reason for the current mess are already enthusisatic for Obama. It will give us a lot to talk and blog about in the next three weeks.

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