Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Stranger and stranger...

The moving on the presidential primary front continues....

Hillary Clinton left South Carolina yesterday to campaign in some of the bigger Feb. 5 primary voting states, essentially conceding Saturday's firt Southern state primary to Obama. She did, however, leave her husband Bill in South Carolina to campaign on her behalf so that Obama wouldn't actually coast to victory.

The general thinking has been that John Edwards would likely drop out of the race if has a poor showing in his home state of South Carolina, but that might be changing. Edwards continues to pick up delegates with his third place finishes, and if...a big nominee is decided before the convention in August, he might have enough delegates committed to him to play king-maker -- and getting something in return for the favor .

But then again...considering just how ugly the fight between Clinton(s) and Obama has become -- and promises to get even uglier in the weeks ahead -- Edwards might actually find himself being virewed far more favorably by Democratic voters in future contests.

He may be down, but he may not yet be out.

On the Republican side, the four remaining candidates are having money problems -- well three of the four anyway. Mitt Romney is in a position where he can loan his campaign all it wants and worry about fundraising later to repay himself.

Huckabee has opted not to make a major push in Florida on Tuesday, no TV and limiited campaign stops to save money.

McCain has lined up a series of fundraisers to replenish his warchest - foregoing any serious campaigning for votes.

And Giuliani has spent a large portion of his warchest in Florida where he has staked his claim.


Blogger mlnmatt said...

Edwards' home state is North Carolina.

4:51 PM  
Blogger wtfdnucsailor said...

But he was born in South Carolina.

10:10 AM  
Blogger mlnmatt said...

Clinton's home state would be Illinois, and Obama's would be Hawaii. Odds are neither of those states will have an overwhelming affinity for their "native sons/daughters".

1:03 PM  

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