Monday, January 28, 2008

Monday morning free-for-all...

Hillary Clinton makes a campaign stop in Hartford today while supporters of Barack Obama hold a press conference on the issue of electability. John Edwards capaign is hosting a telephone conference call with reporters....

Ted Kennedy will throw his support behind the Obama campaign, and Toni Morrison, famouse for declaring bill Clinton as America's first "back president" -- will also endorse Obama today.

Republican candidates are scrambling through Florida in preparation of tomorrow's primary, and then forced to make the hard decision on where to go from there. None of the GOP candidates, including Mitt Romney, have sufficient funds or large enough organization to complete in all 22 Super Duper Tuesday primary contests -- so it's pick and choose your fight for them.

Speaking of campaigning....I might be wrong about this...but the best that I can remember only two presidential candidates have ever stepped foot in Eastern Connecticut anytime over the past seven years. They are John McCain and Rudy Giuliani -- both of whom have come to this part of the state to campaign for former 2nd District Congressman Rob Simmons. In fact, McCain has been here far more then Giuliani.

And the remember him....the guy who has the job that everyone wants....delivers his final State of the Union Address tonight.


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