Monday, February 18, 2008

Wisconsin up next

And so is Hawaii, both states holding primaries tomorrow, but it's
Wisconsin that plays the major role here.

NY Sen. Hillary Clinton left the state early this morning, cancelling several events and pretty much signalling that she doesn't expect to win.And she has good reason for that.

Wisconsin is an "open primary" state. And what that means is, voters there do not register under any particular party designation. Citizens of Wisconsin are either "registered" or they're "not registered." And every registered voter is eligible to vote. That opens the door for independents -- good news for the Likes of IL Sen. Barack Obama and AZ Sen. John McCain. (In fact, with the GOP contest pretty much decided, it would be possible for Republican -leaning voters to opt to vote in the Democratic primary -- and that would certainly throw a monkey wrench into things.)

Anyway, it looks like Obama and McCain should coast to fairly easy wins tomorrow. That would be 10 state wins for Obama compard to none for Clinton since the Feb. 5 contests.


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