Thursday, February 14, 2008

Under the heading strange bedfellows...

According to ABC News, Mitt Romneyhas decided to endorse John McCain, and will urge his supporters and delegates committed to him, to back the Arizona seantor in the hopes of inching him closer to the GOP nod.

No one needs to be reminded of just how much these two differed on the issues during the course of the campaign. To put it frankly, they weren't the best of friends.

But for Romney, Mike Huckabee was the bigger problem. Huckabee's decision to stay in the race took votes away from Romney, forcing the former Massachusetts governor to bow out when the handwritiing appeared on the wall.

And now, he's throwing his support behind his chief rival -- McCain.

It's the second smart move Romney has made in preserving his options to make another run for the presidency in the future. The fact is, McCain is no show-in this November. he might win, but he might also lose. If he does lose, that creates an opening in 2012 for a GOP challenger to the Democratic incumbent. Romney can now go back to the Republican rank and file and make the argument, I got out of the race when it was time to get out. I didn't stay in to create a problem for our nominee...and I threw my support behind him.

That could potentially win Romney the kind of GOP backing he was trying so hard to win this year.


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