Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Another endorsement coming?

It seems that New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson may be the next ex-Democratic presidential hopeful to jump on someone's bandwagon -- and maybe as early as this week.

Richardson's endorsement is both interesting as well as significant. (Maybe even a bit more significant than Chris Dodd's decision to endorse). That's because, and I still believe this, Richardson is probably the best vice presidential candidate for the Democrats at this point.

He is the highest elected Hispanic in the nation, and Hispanics are the fastest growing segment of the population - and a key facotr in Democratic blocks. His resume, in all honesty, is better than any of the Democratic candidates who got into the race. If there is one drawback to selecting him as the number two candidate, it is that it presents a ticket of two "firsts" -- the first black/woman and the first Hispanic to run on a national ticket.

Is America ready for that kind of change in one fell swoop?

He has close ties to the Clinton's, however, that relationship was strained during the campaign.

So...if he does, who does he support?

And does that make him the odds on favorite for the vp spot if he chooses right?


Blogger wtfdnucsailor said...

Richardson would make an outstanding VP. I agree he has more and varied experience than either of the two finalists for the DEM nomination. Even though Bill Clinton watched the Super Bowl with him, he did not endorse before the FEB 5 primaries. We don't know how strongly he is being wooed by the Obama camp. I suspect from his comment that although Clinton carried New Mexico it was by such a small margin that he has 'whiggle room' he will endorse Obama. Unfortunately, Clinton did not score a clean win last night and Obama's teflon was working just fine. I just hope he will not be eaten alive by the right wing in the general election.

3:05 PM  
Blogger mccommas said...

Mr Hackett

It is so much more telling what you chose to leave out of your posts than what you chose to put in.

On Richardson you never said that he was ready to be a great president should anything happen to a President Obama.


8:19 AM  

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