Friday, May 09, 2008

End of the week wrap up...

We head into convention time, beginning tomorrow with the 2nd District Republican convention where Sean Sullivan will be officially nominated as the GOP challenger. Former Congressman Rob Simmons will be on hand and addressing the crowd. Incumbent Democratic Congressman Joe Courtney will get his party's nod for re-election Monday.

Charlie Cook, one of the more well-respected political observers, has upgraded the CT-2 race now ranking it as "Solid Democratic," that's up from "Likely Democratic."

In Hartford, the dust is still settling from the do-nothing legislative session. Remember back in February when everyone was in favor of eliminating the Business Entity Tax? That didn't happen. Nor did Ethics Reform -- again for the fourth (or is now the fifth) straight year. The usual pre-session mantra of property tax reform echoed in Hartford earlier this year, only to fade into the night with no relief being offered. And already we're counting the days for the return of lawmakers next month for yet another special session to do what they couldn't get done during the regular session. Is this why we elect these people? To do nothing.

Happy Mother's Day to all....and here's hoping that Hillary gets a Mother's Day present that will help her find a way out of the race.


Blogger mccommas said...

Bias Alert!

Whoop! Whoop! Whoop!

What the Hell Mr. Hackett? We nominated Sean Sullivan and you give away our headline to the liberal incumbent?

"GOP nominates candidate to challenge Courtney"

Does that count as an in-kind contribution to the Joe Courtney reelection campaign?
Did the editor and reporter John Penny forget what our candidate's name is? Perhaps I am jumping to conclusions here. But if you did forget than all you had to do was look in the body of the article -- There it is!

Yes. Sean Sullivan! Gosh that's a hard one to remember.

Here are some alternative headlines you might have gone with as well:

GOP in Shocking Move Fails to Cross-Endorse Courtney!


GOP Nominates Homo Sapien to Challenge Courtney

When your man is endorsed what will the headline be? Will it be on the front page like Sean's wasn't?

I will bet it won't read:

"Democrats nominate candidate to face Sullivan".

-- And what's this "During a nominating convention that at times resembled a high school graduation." What is that supposed to mean? I was there as a delegate for Windham and I have been to 4 high school graduations. I have not the foggiest idea what John Penny, and his editor mean by that.

It looked, sounded and was a Congressional Convention that was filled with one rousing wonderful speech after another. Your boy was ripped to shreds on one issue after another. We had a glorious time. We like our chances just fine.

Voters can judge for themselves. It was recorded by CT's version of C-SPAN (CT-N) and will aired repeatedly. I plan to tape it and keep it forever.

The election is going forward Mr. Hackett whether you like it or not. Do I have to remind you that the same folks that are saying Sean Sullivan has no chance are the same people who said Rob Simmons had no chance?

What a shocking coincidence!

Ed Munster was there (to my delight) and he wasn't quoted. I found that odd. Nor was State Rep. Pamela Sawyer. I guess their speeches were actually too good.

I will tell you what. I will say right here what your readers missed from Ed because its important.

Ed was a charity fundraiser and he overheard some younger people talking. They were trying to come up with all the members of the Connecticut Congressional Delegation. Between them they came up with all the names except for one. They poked on Ed's shoulder and asked him since they were all drawing blanks.

And you will never guess whose name they could not come up with!

I will give you a hint -- Not Chris Shays.

Ed correctly pointed out that's a good thing for Sean. Courtney is a lot weaker than is commonly believed. His name rec is nothing like Sam Gejdenson's was. True, Sean doesn't have much money right now but that's something that can change in a hurry. You should know by now Mr. Hackett that the Bloody 2nd is always fought over. If your man wants anther term, he will have to earn it.

And this brings me to a peculiar, and telling, incident. I was on the credentials committee so I was by the door for a while and I thought I saw a car with a Courtney bumper sticker drive by in the parking lot. I thought I must have been mistaken but then the woman drove around again and I saw her and the unmistakable bright yellow Courtney sticker on her dirty car. She seemed as shattered as the reporters were that we are going forward with he election. Those crazy Republicans are going to ruin everything!

Over at the New London Day Kathleen Edgecomb did a far more professional and unbiased report although the editors at the Day also buried Sullivan story. The Day chose to run a pig on the front page instead.

Here is a nice quote that Ms. Edgecomb put in her story:

”If John McCain becomes the next president, who do think he'll turn to for advice in Congress? A town attorney from Vernon or a decorated Navy captain with more than 20 years of distinguished service?'' asked [former U.S. Representative] Rob Simmons.

Another fun fact that failed to make it any paper is that Joe Courtney voted 98 percent of the time with Nancy Pelosi.

Some leadership that is. Your man is just a rubber stamp.

John R. McCommas

1:02 PM  

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