Thursday, May 15, 2008

Some random Thursday thoughts...

With all the talk about the slumping economy, rising gas and food costs, I must admit I am a bit surprised (although I probably shouldn't be) at the low voter turnouts we're seeing at the budget referendums. At this point they're averaging well below 20 percent -- and few are showing anything over 15 percent.

John Edwards endorsement of Barack Obama isn't going to suddenly result in Obama winning the support of those groups he hasn't yet convinced. Only Obama can do that, and he'll have to if he hopes to win in November. What Edwards' endorsement does do is pretty slam the door on Hillary Clinton with the remaining super delegates.

And, also disappointing, is the way this year's General Assembly election races are shaping up. Public financing of the campaigns was suppose to create more competitive races -- but I'm not seeing that.


Blogger Bill Jenkins said...

Ray lets face it, this whole public financing of campaigns is NOTHING but a waste of money that could be better spent on the REAL needs of the citizens of the state of Connecticut instead of lining the pockets of "campaign consultants" and political hacks.

This was nothing more than incumbency protection at its finest and politicians being too damned lazy to raise their own money because it's too much like work.

I don't buy this crap for one minute about how it lets candidates "focus on their job rather than dialing for dollars from special interests" and the other lies and propaganda that groups like Common Cause spew on a regular basis when they attempt to justify wasting taxpayer dollars on policians campaigns.

Denise Merrill will run unopposed and so will Melissa Olson, Steve Mikutel, Linda Orange, Shawn Johnston and many others in eastern Connecticut.

As a matter of fact, Shawn Johnston was endorsed by the Republicans earlier this evening and I'm glad he was. I really don't care that the voters don't have a "choice" in the 51st. Shawn Johnston is one of the best legislators up there. Who cares what party he's registered as.

If you look back Ray at the money raised and spent by each candidate in the 50th House seat in 2002, 204 & 2006, the candidate who won ALL THREE of those years was the one who raised and spent the least amount of money.

I know I've been away from your blog for a while Ray but I like to read about STATE political issues instead of the national-level nonsense. There's already way too much overload on the presidential circus from all the other media outlets.

1:02 AM  
Blogger Bill Jenkins said...

Regarding low voter turnout at local budget votes, all of the local budgets I know about involved nominal if any tax increases so there was nothing for people to get motivated for to get out and vote against the budgets.

Windham on the other hand failed all of their budgets.

Looks like Jean DeSmet needs to learn a bit more about how to run a town.

1:06 AM  
Blogger mccommas said...

The Windham Budgets did indeed fail mostly because I think most folks were caught off guard last year when they shoved a whopper tax increase down our throats. People found out however when they opened their bills. Our tax increase was over 500 dollars. This year we were ready to veto. If I remember correctly the police budget alone went up 10 percent. They have some nerve asking for another increase so soon.
With the new money from last year's tax increase the Board of Education promised that scores would improve.
Well here we are a year latter and the scores went down thus proving us meanie Republicans right in our assertion that money wasn't the problem in the first place. Throwing more good money after bad makes no sense. What makes sense is teaching kids English as a first language instead of a second language. In fact I think its mean not to but there I go again being "negative".

And to hear the Democrats and the so called "bottom line" party you would think we stabbed the government to death with an ice pick. No, we just can't afford another tax increase on top of last year's.

Turnout was about 10 percent which I think is respectful for a budget referendum. I don't know why journalists are so upset when turnout is low. So what if turnout is low? Those who care take time to vote.

The rest have no reason to complain.

5:17 AM  

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