Thursday, August 21, 2008

GOP Veep-stakes

It's not surprising that Joe Lieberman was invited to address the Republican convention. What should be noted, however, is that he has been slated to address the gathering on Monday night -- the opening night of the event. That pretty much should end all speculation of him being selected as McCain's vice presidential running mate. The VP nominee will address the convention on Wednesday night.

My bet right now is that it will be Romney.


Blogger mccommas said...

I would much rather hear from Zell Miller again. Is he going to be there?

Lieberman is a Democrat in every way (he is for example a cheerleader for abortion) except that he supports the United States of America.

That’s the only part that makes Lieberman different from the other liberal Democrats. This Republican voted for Alan Schlesinger.

Obama chose poorly. Like his overall character, Obama's choice was timid. Obama should have chose a governor -- someone that has some sort of experience at leadership. But Obama apparently did not want someone that might overshadow himself. Even if Miss Paris Hilton was old enough, Obama is so star-struck with himself he would not have picked her for that reason.

Senators make poor Presidents and that’s why we don't elect many of them. Kennedy for example poorly administrated although I don't disagree with any of his policies of which I am aware. Kennedy was lousy at leadership because as a senator he never had to do that before. He was still on a learning curve when he was shot and the White House place for on the job training.

Had Obama picked the far better qualified former co-President Hillary Clinton I would be more concerned with McCain's chances. As a Republican I am relieved with his "safe" choice.

Those Clinton primary voters are up for grabs now. My parents, lifelong Democrats, are leaning McCain.

McCain should pick Dr. Condoleezza Rice. Rice is ready to be a strong President should anything happen to a prospective President John McCain. Bush made such a choice and the voters rewarded him for it.

If McCain doesn’t pick Rice, he should pick someone who will be OK and win him a state he can’t get on his own.

I don’t think Romney will win him Mass. And anyway, although I voted for Romney in the primary, he is way too liberal. That will send the wrong message to conservatives like me.

My dark horse Veep pick is Governor Haley Barbour. Barbour’s choice would cauterize McCain self-inflicted, still open and festering, wounds with his own base i.e. the McCain-Kennedy Amnesty bill, “Justice Alito is to conservative for the court”, the Bush Tax Cuts, McCain-FalseGold, etc.

McCain really needs to not-screw-up his pick. I got all my fingers and toes crossed.

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