Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Debate time...

A couple of big debates on tap for this evening, each with a lot riding on them.

On the presidential front, John McCain needs a clear win in tonight's second debate with Barrack Obama. More importantly, he needs to change the course of discussion away from the economy. Right now, as long as the economy is the issue, Obama has the advantage. And that'sa problem on two fronts for McCain:
1. It is the economy that is what's on people's minds;
2. McCain needs to be careful how he tries to change the course of the discussion. If he continues on his current track -- angry -- he risks turning more people away, which at this stage of the election he cal ill afford to do.

Right now...this is Obama's election to lose.

The second debate has as much riding on it. That's the showdown with Joe Courtneyand Sean Sullivan. Sullivan has an equally high mountain to scale in not much time, and not much money to accomplish that. But this is his opportunity. It's a televised debate (7 p.m. on Channel 9) and his big chance to get people to take a closer look at his candidacy.

And....he needs to hope they like what they see. If not....they may not look twice.


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