Wednesday, August 27, 2008


The Mark Warner speech last night at the Democratic convention was good....but far from memorable. Thespeech delivered by Mass. Gov. Duval Patrick right after him was better.

But the night belonged to Hillary Clinton.

Now, I've never been a big fan of the former first lady since the firt time I met her back in 1992, but I have to admit that was a great speech. It was self-serving, all about her, but wonderfully done. She did what she had to do, but that's about as far as she went. What she didn't do is what Obama's running mate Joe Biden did — and maybe she should have.

Biden was just as critical of Obama's experience during the primaries as Clinton was. But when asked about that earlier this year when he served as a surrogate for Obama at the Sunday morning news shows, he said he was impressed with how much Obama had grown during the course of the campaign. Clinton might have done the party a favor if she conceded something along those lines herself.

So tonight we get the "other" Clinton. And based on the expressions on his face during her speech last night, you can bet that he'll do much the same....what he has to do, not much more -- and be just as self-serving.

What will be the most ridiculous part of tonight's festivities is if they go ahead with the planned roll call vote that will be stopped mid-stream just for the sake of appeasing the Clinton supporters who want to cast their vote for Hillary. It's kind of like extending a baseball game into extra innings despite the fact that one team won in the regulation nine innings, but agreeing to step the game if the score gets close


Blogger mccommas said...

Well that might have been gracious of Mrs. Clinton but then again it would have also been a lie.

Obama has not grown and Biden was right the first time.

Biden also wrote in his autobiography that the Carter Administration taught him “on the job training was a dangerous thing” for a President.

I couldn't agree more.

6:39 PM  

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