Monday, August 25, 2008


It was exactly eight years ago last week when Joe Lieberman came to New London to be the featured speaker at a morning breakfast hosted by the local chapter of Literacy for America. That was the same morning when news broke that Lieberman was among the final four on Al Gore's short list of potential vice presidential candidates. Later that week, he was the nominee.

Lieberman was back in New London this morning, again the featured speaker of a morning breakfast meeting (this time, hosted by the Chamber of Commerce of Eastern Connecticut), and once again the subject everyone wanted to talk about was the vice presidential spot -- only this time onf Republican John McCain's ticket.

Lieberman did nothing this morning to quell the speculation. In fact, despite repeatedly sayng for months now that he wasn't interested....he wouldn't even say that today. Instead, he said John McCain has earned the right to choose who he wants as his running mate -- and that he would be better served in remaining silent on that subject. He wouldn't answer either the question of "would you accept the nomination," saying only that he didn't expect he'd get the call.

What that suggests is that Lieberman is in fact on the short list...and is probably being seriously considered. When you are in that position, just as he was eight years ago, the best thing you can say is nothing.

That doesn't mean Lieberman will be selected by McCain. We'll get the answer to that question on Friday. But what it does say is that if....a BIG IF...but if that call is made, he will accept the nomination.


Blogger mccommas said...

-- And if John McCain offers the vice presidency to me, I too will accept it.

I won't be waiting by the phone though. I don't think Mr. Lieberman will either.

Lieberman is not qualified to be president and so he should not be a vp choice.

The only person in Ct I can think of that is qualified and would make a damn good President is Robert Simmons.

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