Friday, May 01, 2009

Bright lights in the big city....

I'm heding down to Washington next week. I'll be in the office Monday but thenout for the rest of the week. I'll post on Monday, but just wanted you to know it will be a week before anything new is posted.

Have a good weekend.


Blogger mccommas said...

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Blogger mccommas said...

While you are in D.C. why don't you ask our Rep., Joe Courtney, if he is going to stick by the disgraced liar we have as a Speaker of the House

--or is he going to do the right thing?

Courtney was always an unquestioning follower of Pelosi but now it is time for him to be his own man and order Pelosi to hand in her keys. The new Speaker will need them.

Clearly Pelosi has lost all moral authority – no different when John Rowland got caught up in his lies. The more she tries to lie her way out of the hole she dug herself, the deeper she gets. I almost feel sorry for her as she is stumbleing around trying to explain the unexplainable but then I remember what she was attempting to do.

--Then I get a strong sense she deserves every bit of it. The men and women at the CIA were just doing their job which is to keep America safe and she wants them thrown in jail? Pelosi's betrayal has ended her Speakership.

So much for the first Lady Speaker.

It hardly has to be pointed out that at the very least the CIA saved those people in the Los Angeles's Library Tower:

“After he was subjected to the “waterboard” technique, KSM became cooperative, providing intelligence that led to the capture of key al Qaeda allies and, eventually, the closing down of an East Asian terrorist cell that had been tasked with carrying out the 9/11-style attack on Los Angeles”.

Give the CIA the credit they deserve for connecting the dots. Too bad for the CIA and the Bush Administration that it isn’t front page news when commercial aircraft are NOT used as missiles and are NOT flown into landmark buildings; huh?

I know this may shock some of you but I have no problem with waterboarding at all. I think it should be legal and used when the President order it used. Obama is foolishly closing the door to a method that has been proved effective in saving the Americans against mass assault.

-- All such a fuss over a little water up the nose and with medical staff a few steps away. No one ever died of that. And look at who we did this to – the 9-11 terrorists!

But the Old Media acts as if they are some kind of civil icon like Rosa Parks.

I hate to have to keep asking this, but whose side are the Democrats on anyway?

1:01 PM  
Blogger dweeb said...

When we become, to any degree you wish to consider it, the people whom we are opposing, how can we hope to be victorious?

I think I understand some of your position on waterboarding but I'm troubled by how do we draw a line and what happens when we cross it?

The downside to being the standard by which all other nations measure themselves, is, like Caesar's wife, we must always be beyond reproach.

Your point about the current speaker of the House has validity, in my opinion, as there is still more partisanship than patriotism in our nation's Capital.
And as we both know, patriotism is often the last refuge of some unsavory characters......

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