Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years resolution...

I don't make them....but I am making an exception this year.

My attention to the blog has fallen off in the waning months of 2008. And I hope to rectify that in the coming year....


I resolve to make at least one new post to the blog each workday morning beginning Monday, Jan. 5. (or at least I'll do my best to do so.)

Have a safe, happy and healthy NewYear.


Blogger mccommas said...

Rather than that, how about you ask tougher questions of your Bulletin Buddies like Donald Williams and Joe Courtney in 2009?

You know, instead of giving them a free ride like you have thus far?

Or would that be asking to much of my hometown newspaper?

6:31 AM  
Blogger Ray Hackett said...

John...You have gone to great pains here and on the main Web page demonstrating that unless you have something critical to say, you have nothing to bring to the table in terms of adding to the discussion...not to mention that you obviously don't mind being wrong about a lot what you do say in order to make yourself feel or think you know more than everyone else.,

How about this, John. In 2009, why don't you try and simply stick to the issue, state your opinion, engage in the conversation and leave the snide, childish and petty little remarks that have no bearing on anything -- except your ego -- out.

2:43 PM  
Blogger dweeb said...

Actually I hope BOTH of you will continue to post, and expand the frequency and scope of your postings.

Not that I always (or even often)agree with what you write, but each of you offers a perspective that I appreciate as fresh, original and different from my own.

Sometimes exercising my brain to better see another's point of view is the best workout I get all day.

Let's hope for more in 2009, okay?

3:56 PM  

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