Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Pass the halfway point....

With just about six hours remaining before polls close today, traffic at polling places throughout the region remains steady. Here at the Griswold Town Hall, one of two voting places in town, just over 40 percent of the eligible voters have already cast votes -- and things have gone especially smooth. And that's something to say. Parking is limited at the Town Hall and the area set aside for voting is the meeting room...a bit cramped today with the tables, machines, poll workers -- and then steady stream of voters.

Our of nearly 1,200 ballots cast thus far, only about 25 have been rejected mostly due to over-voting (where voters have checked off more than one name in a particular race). Twenty-five out of 1,200 isn't bad at all. In each case, the initial ballot with the error was destroyed and the voter given a second ballot to fill out.

Upstairs is where the town has set a conference room for Presidential Ballots. As of 1 p.m., 55 unregistered voters had cast Presidential Ballots. Election officials thought that was "rather high" given the time of the day. Four years ago, there were 129 Presidential Ballots cast -- and the expectation is that number will likely be passed later today when the final surge comes after work.

We'll continue our tour up Route 12 now.


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