Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Some registration problems....

During my travels to various polling places this morning I came across two young, first-tme voters casting Presidential Ballots. Naturally, I was curious as to why they felt so strongly about voting for president, but not so strongly about registering so they could vote in every race.

Both, it turns out, had registered....or at least they thought they had only to learn this morning that their names were not on the voting rolls.

Adrianne Sostre, 27, of Montville filled out a registration at the Department of Motor Vehilces a year ago, but for some reason the paperwork never made its way to the Montville Town Hall. She said she was disappointed because she was looking forward to voting in all the races and today's referendum questions. Instead, however, she found herself in the town clerk's office casting a vote only for president.

Pete Gamble, 18, of Preston was in a similar boat. He had filled out a mail-in registration form a month or so ago, but that somehow got lost in the shuffle and he, too, was in the town clerk's office at Preston Town Hall filling out a presidential ballot.

Although both disappointed, neither blamed annyone for the mix up, sayng that next time they'll check earlier and make sure their names are listed.

And just for the record, both voted for Obama.

I'll be hitting the road again in a few minutes, heading north of Norwich to see how the afternoon is shaping up.


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