Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Heading towards the home stretch...

One of the more interesting aspects of today's tour of polling places was the mood of voters. It didn't matter whether it took four minutes or forty minutes, votes were came ready to be part of something. It's an historic election no matter what the outcome, but it wasn't history that voters were feeling.

Both Barack Obama and John McCain struck a chord with voters this year. Voter interest in this year's election has been high from the beginning, and it has never faded. The conventions, the debates, the primary coverage -- all of them setting record level of audience viewing. You jut don't get the sense, as you have in past years, that people simply wanted ths over....enough is enough. Not this year. It's almost like people have been anxiously awaiting today, their chance to be part of something.

It was really something special to see and feel.

If anyone is interested, I'll be making a voice appearence on radio station WXLM (104.7 FM) at around 8:20 tonight talking about the election and what the night and how the night might develop. I'm guessing we might get a sense of that in just over an hour. Virginia's polls close at 7 p.m. and that should tell us something.


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One thing I noticed with the N.B. editorial pages is the mysterious disappearance of Thomas Sowell.

No he didn’t die as I first feared. He has not been injured in a car accident making him unable to write. Doc hasn’t been on a long vacation either.

Dr. Sowell has been busy writing columns, always true to his ideals. --Unlike some like Colin Powell who has abandoned his for pigment’s sake.

Take this nugget:

“Like so many things that Obama says, it may sound nice if you don't stop and think -- and chilling if you do stop and think. Do we really want judges who decide cases based on who you are, rather than on the facts and the law”?

Dr. Sowell had up until sometime this summer been one of the few surviving conservative voices regularly allowed in the Bulletin’s pages. One by one other conservatives have been dropped by the Bulletin.

Remember Mona Charen? I became her Number 1 fan because of her op-eds in the Bulletin. Mrs. Charen has not been featured in many years because, I suspect, she makes her case only to well.

Apparently you can say the same thing about Sowell when he writes about Barack Obama. You –or someone -- read those columns and decided not to put them in the paper.

In Sowell’s place in the months and weeks up to the election has been that of latter-day Benedict Arnold, Kathleen Parker. Nearly daily she was attacking the Reaganeque, The One!, Sarah Palin. Parker was in a unique position to sabatoge McCain from her vantage point.

On Sarah Palin, you see her as a threat in 2012 and let me tell you what.

You are absolutely right.

What I think Parker was doing was ingratiating herself with liberal newspaper editors in order to make a name for herself. She couldn’t do it the way Ann Coulter did it because she is just not that good. Parker certainly became very popular in the Norwich Bulletin newsroom for a while. To bad she has to sacrifice her appeal with her base readership in order to do it.

If you want to print the un-authentic Parker over Sowell that’s your prerogative but I think it shows the weakness of your case. You did not want a smart Black conservative undermining what you want your readership to believe. You wanted them to vote for Obama. Sowell got in the way of that.

Oh lets slip in another one of Dr. Sowell’s nuggets right here (that you never printed)just because we can:

“Some people who see the fraud in what Obama is saying are amazed that others do not. But Obama knows what con men have long known, that their job is not to convince skeptics but to enable the gullible to continue to believe what they want to believe. He does that very well.”

Well! No wonder you were afraid to run that in the Bulletin. Toasted! He just toasted him!

But isn't that the pont of journalism? Point-counterpoint until someone wins? I thought a newspaper’s opinion pages were meant to be a healthy clashing of ideas.

The purpose of the Bulletin’s opinion pages nowadays seems to be that of indoctrination.

Thank God for the New Media. All afternoon I have been catching up on my Sowell. Every time I read him you know, I get a tiny bit smarter. I certainly did not agree with his last one but I can still see his point.

Well you got your President Mr. Hackett. I hope you are happy.

I think very dangerous times are ahead. The community organizer/President-elect has already made a mess of things in Poland and he isn't even sworn in yet.

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