Friday, November 21, 2008

The Obama Administration...

Lots of talk of who's in, and who's not....but there may be a Connecticut connection being forged. Not in one of the high profile spots that everyone is talking about.

Ned Lamont, in a conversation I had with him just days before the election, told me he would be going down to Washington this month to see if there might be a spot in the Obama Administration for himself. Lamont was co-chair of Obama's Connecticut campaign. He said he didn't have anything specific in mind, but was interested in seeing if there might be something that could interest him.

While on the subject, I asked if his inerests in seeking elected office has waned since the 2006 Senate campaign. It hasn't....but that shouldn't be translated into speculation that he might make another Senate run in 2012, he said. Although not commiting to anything specific, he didn't rule out the possibility of making a run in 2010....but not for U.S. Senate. More like Hartford, and not in the General Assembly.

If you want to speculate on Democratic cotenders for governor....add Lamont's name to the list of maybes.


Blogger mccommas said...

Still not asking the tough questions about the Obama Administration even AFTER the election? Hummmm…..

What gives with the lack of tough questions Mr. Hackett? When is the honeymoon between the Bulletin and Joe Courtney going to be over long enough to ask him if he voted for Dirty Bird John Murtha for Majority Leader?

What does Courtney think of Murtha’s role as an unindicted co-conspirator in Abscam FBI sting? Is a good thing that such a crook has such a powerful position over the 2nd district’s economy?

When are you going to ask Courtney how our defense-based economy is going to make out with peaceniks having a stranglehold in Congress AND Pennsylvania Avenue? I have heard cuts as high as 25 percent on Defense spending from Representative Barney Frank. How is Bulletin-Buddy Joe Courtney going to spin that into a good thing for his constituency?

Well I just stopped in to share my most recent find - D. Dowd Muska. You can put his name right between Connecticut conservative Don Noel's and Obama-critic Thomas Sowell’s on authors NEVER NEVER NEVER to be included in the editorial section.

I have some sharp disagreements (of course) with my local newspaper, the Chronicle, but I think we got a Republican mole over there. The reason I think that is because once in a while something is sneaked by that offers a different opinion instead of Left vs. Far-Left all the time (like you know who!).

Of particular relevance to you is this one:

The only other reason this kind of good stuff gets in the paper is that someone there still adheres to the concept of balance on the opinion pages. I am not sure which.

I agree with Mr. Muska that the failure of some Connecticut newspapers can only be a good thing for increased competitiveness of elections. I have noted that you and Michael Gannon still seem to be spitting mad over Christopher Coutu reclaiming the seat formerly held by Republican Barry Kolar ( who is another Republican you set out to ruin).

Chris called me a few weeks ago and among the things we talked about was his NOT resigning his seat on the Norwich City Council until he is good and ready. I told him not to let you push him around. I am a happy to tell you that he agreed.

Coutu is his own man. We need more like him.

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