Monday, July 16, 2007

Campaign fundraising...

Now that we've all had a chance to look over the Federal Elections Commissions campaign finance reports filed by the candidates this past weekend, we all know that GOP challenger Sean Sullivan in the 2nd Congressional District did not get off to a very good start - prompting some whispering down in Washington that maybe the NRCC might want to look around for someone else.

I was curious, so I went to the NRCC Web page today - only to discover the organization has made some changes to it since last I looked. What's gone is the listing of upcoming fundraisers. In the past, the NRCC use to list every fundraiser being held for its members or candidates either in Washington, back in the home district or anywhere for that matter. I was curious to see if there might be any thing being planned for Sullivan.

But appears the RNCC has decided not to list them anymore. That's too bad, I use to find them quite amusing to read. Some of the "events" were quite creative....not to mention the many baseball, basketball, concerts, etc that Republicans used to raise money.

And just to be fair...the D-Triple-C never listed their fundraisers, which I found equally disappointing as much as I enjoyed reading the GOP events. Now neither side is.


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