Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Now an update on the no new taxes pledge...

Democratic Speaker of the House Jim Amann wasted no time in responding to the governor's plan to pull back her proposed tax increase.

This is what he had to say:

“I don’t even know what the Governor’s budget is anymore or what we are even negotiating. In just the past few months, she proposed, disposed, abandoned and reinvented her own budget. What will it be tomorrow?

At least she finally gets what we’ve been saying from day one, that her across the board tax increase makes no sense. The difference is that she now says there is no need for a tax increase, and Democrats have had a plan all along that gives tax relief to 90% of the taxpayers.

We have a big budget surplus and over a billion dollars in the reserve fund. Citizens are overtaxed and if the Governor isn’t willing to join Democrats now to give tax cuts, then when?

On healthcare, the Governor says she has a plan ‘to make monthly premiums affordable to even our poorest citizens.’ That is a totally outrageous statement and proves just how out of touch this Governor is with reality."


Blogger mccommas said...

The Democrat budget from what I read is still punishing the job creators. If anything, the Democrat’s budget is even worse unless your intention is to drive all three million of us to other states.

My parents left today for Missouri. They had finally had enough. Rell and Amann will steal no more of their money.

Never again.

My Grandmother and her new husband left, my sister left years ago, my eldest nephew left for the service, my aunt is thinking of leaving.

Funny. They all say the same things. It’s the cost of living, the lack of good jobs and the state robbing us of whatever nest egg we manage against all odds to save. Money can't be made here.

I am thinking about Florida. I was stationed there in the Navy. I have ties here but if I didn't, I would be gone too.

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