Friday, May 11, 2007

A quiet end to the week...

Not much going on today as mst of prepare for what will likely be one of the best weekends weather-wise in awhile. I do hope you all enjoy it.

Monday, however, will be quite different.

The big news of the day will be the state Supreme Court hearing where oral arguments in the gay marriage lawsuit will heard.

The local subase realignment group will also be meeting Monday morning, updating the status of efforts to enhance the military value of the base a day after the anniversary of the May 13, 2005 announcement that the Navy wanted to close it.

And in my column this Sunday, I write about a conversation I had this week with an old friend, Tony Principi...the former chairman of the BRAC Commission that removed the base from the closure list, and prior to that, the secretary of Veterans of Affairs. What we talked about are the recent controversies regarding the Walter Reed Hospital (Which the BRAC Commission voted to shut down) and the bonuses given out to VA executives. I think you might find Tony's take on these issues interesting.

Have a Great Weekend...and to all the Moms...enjoy Sunday.


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