Tuesday, November 03, 2009


I"ve been doing these Election Day tours for a number of years now, and it never fails....as I cross over the bridge from Montville to Preston, my car slips into automatic drive aqnd turns right on Route 12, and then left into the parking lot at Parke's Place.

Parke's is one of the diners were locals gather to dicuss the "news" of the day. The conversation around the counter this morning is the recent Mashantucket Pequot elections....and some good natured ribbing of a patron who had forgotten that today was Election Day...or for that matter, that it was even Tuesday.

But the main reason for stopping here is....breakfast. Stopping by once a year doesn't make me a regular, but has become a regular stop for me. So...after breakfast, we'll head over Preston Town Hall and see how things are going over there.


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